Thursday, October 30, 2014


I know what you're thinking.."She's move away from her copics"..No! I did not.  I am still very much attached to my copics, but I am found another inexpensive way to play around with beautiful digital images and save the life of my copics.  Now what? you say.  Well, I went to carpediem to get some refills for my E11 and I came across those mini triart markers and the individual cost was more than attractive. So I took the plunge and got them all at $0.99/each that was definitely a bargain.  So they don't hold the same amount of ink as the copics, they do however have a brush nib (replaceable) and they are refillable. And here's what I have done...Oooohhhh! I am so pleased with myself and thanks to Alyce Keegan, I am getting better and better at coloring.  

First it's the image by Simply B Stamps.  I colored the image called appropriately "Day of the Dead Alex" in response to a challenge by Kit and Clowder to do a monochromatic theme with a pop of color.  I think I met the challenge.  What do you think?

In my haste, I forgot to note the markers I used to color Alex.  Sorry :(

Mini Triart Markers

Color Chart

  .--.      .-'.      .--.      .--.      .--.      .--.      .`-.      .--.
' `--' `.-' `--' `--' `--' `-.' `--' `

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