Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Saturated Canary is having a new coloring challenge on their facebook page.  Please go to  Krista's blog for details.  You must use one of those two new images, 
You can enter twice - once with each image.
   NOTE:  This color challenge ENDS on 3/28/15 !!!

I colored "Beach Pretty" but have not entered her in the contest.  I just wanted to have some fun with SC images as they are one of my favorites to color...Yes, I know I do have a long list of favorite, but who can blame me with so many great artists around..hehehe!  Four finalists will be chosen according to the challenge rules to provide input to Krista in the creation of a new image.  ARE YOU GAME?

Skin:  E 00, 21, 11, 53, 04
Hair:  E 00, 11, 21, 04, 08, 57
Bathing suit: Y 08, 06, 04, 02; YR 24, 01, 000

....What?...you're still here...go!  go!

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