Saturday, October 26, 2013


I did not waste anytime opening the box.  I had not figured out where I was going to put it in my craft room as it required lots of clearance in the back because of the large mat (yes, the mat is larger than that of the Silhouette and that of the Cricut).  I was certainly not going to put in on my cutting table (I already have the cuttlebug in a corner on it).  So I temporarily placed it on top of my printer while I finished opening the remaining of the packages.  For once, I started to read the operation manual first even though the manufacturer states that the machine is ready right off the box.  Here are some pictures of what came with it. Let me say that I was disappointed by the quality of the tools.  The scrapper is made of plastic completely and much smaller than those I am used to.  There is not a place on the machine to store the stylus (as in the Cricut).  The blades are an easy drop and lock.  There are 2 blades included with the machine (standard and deep cut) and 2 mats (low tack and standard).
Sitting on my printer

Adjustable screen (moves up and down)

nice and clear screen when turned on

the humongous 12x12 mats
some of the built-in designs

more built-in designs

Standard cut blade (turquoise), Deep cut blade (purple), spatula and stylus

What I will use it for: scan the print'n cut images I buy from Silhouette online store.  I will not need to use the Silhouette to do that and it looks like I will get a better cut from the Brother (no need for registration marks).
Create sentiments (handwritten or typed) and cut them directly.
I love the feature that will allow me to cut my fabric for my embroidery using my own creations.
My pet peeve:  Mats are way too large

I found a home with enough back space for it (right next to my serger).
I will continue to read the instructions and figure out what more this machine can do and decide whether I am going to keep it or send it back.
Sorry for the long post!...

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